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Be conscientious with eye makeup and contact lenses

You must take great care not to get makeup on your contact lenses, where it can cause eye irritation or possibly introduce bacteria. Get into a “care-smart routine.” It’s important to insert your contact lenses before you apply makeup or hair gel. At the end of the day, be sure to wash your hands and remove your contact lenses (and clean, rinse and disinfect them) before removing your makeup so that you don’t trap mascara or cover-up or glitter on the surface of your contact lenses. Some eyecare professionals recommend using hypoallergenic makeup to lessen the risk of eye irritation. Also, shield your eyes if you apply hair spray; it includes proteins that can latch on to your lenses and compromise your sight as well as irritate your eyes. Further minimize the risk of oily deposits on your lenses by using an oil-free moisturizer and by not applying hand lotions or creams before handling your lenses. Remember: Never share contact lenses, and never share makeup, too. Makeup can harbor bacteria that can lead to infection and painful eye irritation.

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