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For tweens...
Many young people, even before they hit their teenage years, demonstrate they can successfully wear — and properly care for — contact lenses. Being free from relying on eyeglasses is especially helpful for kids and adolescents involved in sports, dance, acting and other activities where glasses are a hindrance.

For teens...
Teenagers are great contact lens wearers. Contact lenses improve appearance and help to build a positive self-image during the fast-changing teenage years. As with tweens, age is not the key factor in determining if contact lenses are right; maturity and the motivation to maintain proper care and good hygiene are! Disposable contact lenses are perfect for many teens. There even are special effect contact lenses that make a dramatic impression at Halloween and parties.

For college students and young adults...
Many college students and young adults enjoy the freedom of contact lens wear. At this life stage, many look to enhance sports performance or to improve their appearance and self-confidence. Some are interested in contact lenses that can enhance or alter eye color. Some people with no vision correction need wear colored contact lenses for fashion and fun.

For midlifers...
Midlifers need not abandon contact lenses when their “arms become too short.” Multifocal contact lenses, in computer generated designs, can easily restore “youthful vision.” Many midlifers toss off their specs and don a pair of disposable contact lenses to bicycle, ski, play volleyball, rock climb, or spend an evening out with friends.

For seniors...
Active seniors, who look forward to “much more to come,” also are embracing contact lens wear more than generations past. This includes both multifocal contact lenses that provide crisp vision at all distances, as well as disposable contact lenses that can enhance a tennis game or let you show off your beautiful eyes at a formal dinner dance.

Virtually all types of contact lenses are available in disposable or frequent replacement multipacks. This make it economically appealing to “give contact lenses a try.”

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